[NAFEX] Nafex research committee

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 1 22:45:54 EDT 2009

Dear NAFEX members,

After a long financially-imposed dormancy, there are now sufficient research funds available to begin the process of requesting, evaluating and funding research proposals.

Any NAFEX members who think they might be interested in serving on this committee, please contact me off-list.

It is important that those volunteering for this service to the fruit-growing community understand that members of the committee (& other NAFEX officers) will >not< be eligible for research awards.

Best regards,


Anton Callaway, NAFEX Research Committee Chair
BTW, Please be patient if I don't respond right away.  I sometimes only check my email once a week.  (This will change once the research activities start rolling!)  ;)

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