[NAFEX] miracle graft

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Wed Jul 1 00:32:40 EDT 2009

I just read this old message from April. Maybe you answered my question 
in yet another message that I didn't get around to reading yet, but what 
ever happened to this graft? Did it produce some leaves? (If not, maybe 
next year!)
Your last sentence kind of cracked me up and now I'm curious.

Steve in the Adirondacks

Alan Haigh wrote:
> I was putting some oil down at a site where I did some grafts on a 
> couple huge hundred year old Macintosh trees 2 seasons ago.  One graft 
> that never even sprouted a leaf the first or second season and I 
> naturally assumed was dead sprouted a single flower bud this spring 
> (would have prefered something vegetative, but hey). 
> Even more amazingly, it didn't even have any grafting compound over the 
> open end of the scion- don't know if it fell off or I forgot to apply.  
> It was a relatively thick stick and we've had a couple of wet seasons 
> but how could that wood have survived 2 summers and 2 winters waiting to 
> sprout that singel bud.  I'm in z 6 so it had to avoid dehydration 
> through some pretty cold months.  I will remove the flower as soon as it 
> opens and see what happens.  I'm thinking of starting a new religion 
> around this event if the scion makes it.

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