[NAFEX] Yard Motion Detectors

Don Yellman don.yellman at webformation.com
Fri Feb 27 17:37:45 EST 2009

For Richard Murphy:

Google "Dakota Alert" and you will find what I believe to be the best heat/motion detector on the market, though they are not cheap.  I have an older model made back in the days when the serial # was hand lettered by South Dakota persons inside the transmitter unit, and a newer one (the 3000) that operates on a higher frequency and is even better.  Multiple transmitters may be used with a single receiver, and vice-versa.  X-mitter unit uses a 9 volt battery which lasts much longer than double A types, while the receiver operates on line voltage and is located on your bedstand or in the kitchen.  Make sure you choose the unit with an X-mitter intended for outdoor use.  These are very rugged and well sealed, and can be relocated easily by mounting on a stamped steel post.

There are cheaper units on the market, but they are junk compared with the Dakota.  I noticed that the price on a matching set of the 3000 model has actually declined since I bought my last one -- to $159.  These alerts will absolutely inform you when there are deer in the area, or even a  bunny.  How you deal with the situation after that is your business.

Don Yellman

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