[NAFEX] deer-resistant plants

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 17:08:52 EST 2009

I stand corrected about thorns on clove currants. I
guess I just assumed they had thorns since they're
related to gooseberries.

This area is too populous for anyone or anything to
hunt deer, so I think the only limit to their
population is food. I even suspect them of eating my

I just know I'll start hating various fruit-eating
cute critters once these plants start fruiting. Bird
netting sounds easy enough, but I don't know what I'll
do about wilier critters. I remember my dad trying to
grow apples in NYC. He built a metal cage around each
apple, which the squirrels pried open anyway, so we
never got a single apple.

Squirrel stew sounds tasty, but is there any way of
harvesting them without disturbing the neighbors? A
friend of mine threw a rock at a rabbit in his garden,
just trying to scare it away, and was shocked to find
that he'd killed it. Maybe I should practice throwing



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