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> Sounds like you need different dogs or breeds. We have a visible
> fence, and 2 dogs who stay inside at night. But they get real excited
> anytime they hear a noise outside and want to go get it. And anytime I
> let them out after dark they zoom out to the back of the fence to bark
> at the deer, coyotes, whatever. One is 1/2 aussie 1/2 black lab, the
> other is all New Mexico mutt, with at least some cattle dog and german
> shepard. She's the older one, likes to kill and eat things from rabbit
> to woodchuck, and I think she taught the younger dog her ways. Get a
> wilder dog!

I have a neighbor who years ago told me he controlled his deer by using two 
dogs. They were brother and sister from the same litter that he had neutered 
which were Germans Sherpherd.  He's far enough out of the country that he just 
leaves them run all the time and at night they roam his property and keep the 
deer away.  I can't guarantee this but he swears it worked for him.

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