[NAFEX] Pruning marathon winner

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 18:15:39 EST 2009

My business of managing scores of orchards is 50% pruning fruit trees.  This
means that for 6 months of the year, about 5 days a week for about 7.5 hours
a day I do nothing but prune fruit trees, primarily apples.

I have more of this work than I have time but the part of my business I'd
like to grow is my bearing age fruit nursery.  I need some free publicity to
sell more trees which I can get by getting local newspapers to write about
my business.

For publicity, I'd like to make the claim that I have spent more time
pruning fruit trees in the 21st century than any other person- at least in
the northeast.  But I don't want to make that claim without making at least
some kind of attempt at verification.  My hunch is that this might be a good
place to start.

The commercial growers I know don't have anyone that spends nearly as much
time pruning as I do, but I wonder if any of you out their know of a pruner
who's hours come close to mine.  I don't mind being brazenly self
promotional (there's nothing heroic about pruning a lot of fruit trees
anyway) but I like to have my facts straight.  The schedule I spell out
applies pretty much from 2000 on (and well before).  I'm interested in
knowing of anyone in the world who spends this much time (groan) pruning.
Hope I can at least claim the northeastern U.S. record.
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