[NAFEX] Deer repellents???

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Thu Feb 26 10:29:29 EST 2009

    Is there a deer repellent that really works?

    We've got about 800 feet of fence that keeps rabbits and other small 
critters out of the garden/orchard.  Since 1994, deer have paid no attention 
to our spread with the occasional exception of an individual taking a 
short-cut through.  That changed last Fall when they mowed the strawberry 
bed, ate our winter vegetables and spent numerous nights sleeping on the 
premises.  Lately they have been walking up and down every row like they are 
wondering what to munch on first.

    We are located in the city and zoning laws forbid high fencing and 
electric fences.  I'm afraid that they'll start munching when the leaves 
come out.  What do you suggest that works?

Jim Fruth
Brambleberry Farm
Pequot Lakes, MN  56472
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