[NAFEX] Any northern growers have some pecan nuts?

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Wed Feb 25 17:15:02 EST 2009

Try digging holes near you tree and filling them with straw or leaves
to encourage squirrels to bury nuts there.  This works in WVa.  

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>I had a large mature pecan tree that every year made vast quantities
>of nuts. The squirrels would begin eating them (in a normal year)
>when they were green and just beginning to fill. Even so, there were
>enough nuts that a good quantity would mature. I soon discovered that
>if I found an intact nut under the tree it was a dud with no nut
>inside - the squirrels had already checked and rejected it. So for a
>number of years I got no nuts at all from the tree. Until one autumn
>when I was re-mulching the peonies near the pecan tree. There stuffed
>into the straw mulch were a couple handfuls of pecans. So to get nuts
>from my tree I had to think like a squirrel, and look where they put
>them. And I learned that they weren't interested in working any
>harder than they had to to hide the nuts.
>Good luck.
>Eric Farnsworth 
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>My trees just started bearing last year (12- 14 years old) but I
>haven't found a way to keep the nuts from the squirrels yet.  Its
>funny the squirrels don't really bother my buartnuts, perhaps because
>they are still in the outside husk when they are on the ground.  The
>pecans seems to be separating from the husk & so perhaps are more
>attractive to the squirrels.
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