[NAFEX] Any northern growers have some pecan nuts?

Eric Farnsworth tropicofkansas at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 25 16:06:41 EST 2009

I had a large mature pecan tree that every year made vast quantities of nuts. The squirrels would begin eating them (in a normal year) when they were green and just beginning to fill. Even so, there were enough nuts that a good quantity would mature. I soon discovered that if I found an intact nut under the tree it was a dud with no nut inside - the squirrels had already checked and rejected it. So for a number of years I got no nuts at all from the tree. Until one autumn when I was re-mulching the peonies near the pecan tree. There stuffed into the straw mulch were a couple handfuls of pecans. So to get nuts from my tree I had to think like a squirrel, and look where they put them. And I learned that they weren't interested in working any harder than they had to to hide the nuts.
Good luck.
Eric Farnsworth 

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My trees just started bearing last year (12- 14 years old) but I
haven't found a way to keep the nuts from the squirrels yet.  Its
funny the squirrels don't really bother my buartnuts, perhaps because
they are still in the outside husk when they are on the ground.  The
pecans seems to be separating from the husk & so perhaps are more
attractive to the squirrels.


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