[NAFEX] Northern pecan nuts?

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Subject: [NAFEX] Any northern growers have some pecan nuts?

       Does anyone have or know who might have some pecan seeds whose origin 
is in Southern WI, or Northern Illinois, northern Iowa, Southern MN, Northern 
NE, any site with a similar growing season as Southern WI?
kevin bradley

Hi Kevin, 

The shortest season pecan here in central Indiana is Witte.  There is another 
name for it and it escapes my memory right now. 

The limiting factor that far north is growing season. Remember the pecan 
species here is the same as the southern species. Steward, a southern variety is 
large there. When planted here it doesn't generally mature. Major here as about 
the size of my thumb, considerably smaller than the southern varieties. 

The advise given by another that you should get grafted trees is correct. 
Especially that far north. Unless you live in a micro climate pecans that mature 
there will be small. And even if you plant a Witte nut, the genetics could 
destine it to be a larger longer season nut and not mature there.

Witte is about the size of the tip of my little finger. I could supply scion 


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