[NAFEX] Asian Pear / Deer Attacked - Anthony Curcio

Anthony Curcio apc at vassolinc.com
Tue Feb 24 13:13:17 EST 2009

Last year without any warning Crazed Deer attacked a small planting of our pampered 2 yo Asian pears. Emotionally beaten I did not return to the site of the raid until recently. Now one tree, a Hosui, which had its trunk snapped in two has multiple new shoots rising from just above the graft. Although the shoots are above the graft the new growth has what appears to be large thorns. I would like to know if I should choose one new shoot and cut the rest of the tree back or cut the new growth off and see if the old trunk will emerge ? I have taken a couple of pictures but didn't know if they would work with this reply. I could send off line.
Thank you, Anthony z4b

Anthony P. Curcio
VasSol, Inc.
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