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Thanks.  I thought Clifford England closed down his nursery.  Is he still actively selling?  My mother lives in Berea, not very far from McKee.  I'll be going down that way at least a couple of times per month.

I'd love to be able to raise a bunch of nut trees, but I don't think I'll have enough room....after I finish adding the fruit trees, berries and garden vegetables I intend to plant.  I'll consider the KY Nut Grower's meeting, though.

Eddie Earles

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> At 10:30 AM 2/23/2009, you wrote:
> >I'm just about to relocate from Maryland (zone 7) to Clark County, 
> >Kentucky (zone 6).  Is anyone on this board from that 
> >vicinity?  Perhaps we can get together and compare notes.
> Eddie,
> I'm in western KY(Christian Co.) - a good 4 hours(if not more) from 
> where you're locating.  I'm trying to think of who else might be in 
> your area - Barry Nichols is in Louisville; he may be the closest KY 
> NAFEX member who's active on the email discussion list, but I'm sure 
> that there are others in your area.  Clifford England is at McKee, in 
> Jackson Co.
> I'd urge you to consider joining the KY Nutgrowers Assn. - most of 
> the KNGA folks are also NAFEX members, and at the spring meeting, 
> held in April at Elizabethtown, members usually bring fruit scionwood 
> and fruit/berry plants, in addition to nut scions and trees for the 
> scionwood swap and plant material auction, which is held to raise 
> operating funds for the association.  Good food, good fellowship, and 
> a chance to get your hands on some plant materials that aren't widely 
> available otherwise.
> Lucky
> Louis L. "Lucky" Pittman, Jr., DVM
> Veterinary Pathologist/ Dept. Chairman
> Murray St. Univ.-Breathitt Veterinary Ctr.
> Hopkinsville, KY 
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