[NAFEX] Vacuum for Wasps ( Word of caution/ not for Jim F ) Anthony Curcio

Amlie & Hayas tamlie at netscape.com
Sat Feb 21 20:27:43 EST 2009

 People, ( No one from nafex) it has been told, in an
> attempt to ensure the buzzers stay in place, squirt a little aerosol
> hornet spray into their vacuum. Given the right spray and a little spark
> from the vac motor, this can ruin your whole day.

Completely off-topic but humorous aside....
At the annual CORSA (Corvair Society of America) meetings, they have (had?) 
an event where people would place vacuums over pans of gasoline and see 
which vacuum could run the longest while engulfed in flames like a crude jet 
engine.  Might be on youtube; I have dial-up and can't "do" youtube. 

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