[NAFEX] Cultural advice sought on Gold Raspberries

Rosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Sat Feb 21 17:46:45 EST 2009

I have 2 different gold raspberries, Fall Gold and Anne.  Both bear in 
the summer and fall. Fall Gold stays fairly short and acts sort of like 
a red raspberry, but Anne -  wow, it rebears on the primo and 
flori-canes, doesn't seem to send up new sprouts readily, grows up and 
up and over with a huge elongated berry - and altogether acts weird  for 
either a red or a black raspberry.  I am used to black raspberries, and 
have read about the red ones, but need some advice on Anne.  Does anyone 
have any experience with an Anne type raspberry they could share?  
Should I mow down, clip down to 2', what - and when? 

Stella Otto's "Back Yard Berry Book" is short of advice on the varieties 
I'm growing. I treat Fall Gold like an everbearing red, and that seems 
to work, but they seem to "lean around" a lot.  Is that a symptom of  
clumps too close?

Advice would be appreciated!

Barbara Rosholdt
Z7a - 6c (we had some single digit nights this winter)
Central Virginia Piedmont

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