[NAFEX] Mapping Tree Locations

Andrew Dewey andrew at beeberrywoods.com
Sat Feb 21 09:07:41 EST 2009

Greetings Nafexers!

After lurking and enjoying the exchanges of the past few weeks I've got 
a question for the collective wisdom of the list.

Can anyone recommend decent and inexpensive software for mapping tree 
locations?  Let me explain.  My wife and I have 90 acres in Washington 
County, Maine.  I've planted a small orchard of about 10 apple trees - 
and have identified another 8 or so wild apple trees scattered over the 
property.  Using a hand held GPS I know the location of each tree.  I'd 
like to enter this information into mapping software, perhaps tied to a 
database where variety and other information can be stored.  For 
example, one of the trees I planted might be: Black Oxford, Fedco, 
2006.  No fruit yet.  One of the "wild" trees might be: Unknown red 
skinned apple, 20 feet tall, apples continue to hang on the tree until 
New Years.  Evidence of deer and bear feeding.  Brush cleared from 
around tree in 2008.

Any thoughts/ideas will be greatly appreciated!  I can see expanding 
this to include my wife's peach trees and other trees (primarily linden) 
that I've started.


zone 4 to 5

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