[NAFEX] Pears

rmelrose at danvilleVT.net rmelrose at danvilleVT.net
Wed Feb 18 13:54:17 EST 2009

Thanks for pointing me toward Luscious.  Descriptions
I'm reading make it
sound like a mystery pear someone shared with me last
fall.  It was small,
jucy and absolutely delicious. It looks like it might
work for me if the
bloom time is about the same as pyrus ussuriensis,
which I think it might
be.  Does anyone know if the bloom times overlap?

I do not have a true ussuriensis so I do not know
when it would flower relative
to Ure and Luscious. However, Ure is definitely
earlier than Luscious in 
Vermont -- by about 10 days or a little less. It may
be that Ure is closer
to ussuriensis, the fruit definitely looks that way.
The suggestion of
Golden Spice might be a good one, it is a strong
pollinator. I like the 
fruit of GS too, when fully ripe it is good to eat
fresh, but probably only
for those who like a strong flavor. Luscious is much
more like a `real pear'. 
Golden Spice flowers a few days after Ure for me,
they would overlap strongly.

Z4a, VT.

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