[NAFEX] Disguised fly

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Wed Feb 18 10:41:08 EST 2009

    Do we have any entomologists in the group?

    In September, my patch of Fall bearing red raspberries is visited by 
droves of a fly that resembles a Yellow Jacket.  It is obviously a fly by 
the wing structure and it is about twice as large as a House Fly.  It 
competes with Yellow Jackets in feeding on ripe fruits.  Unlike Yellow 
Jackets, it doesn't sting.  It is a pest by its very presence in the berry 
patch because, before I reach to pick a berry, I have to look to be sure I 
won't be grabbing hold of a Yellow Jacket.  In other words, it is a pest 
because it slows the pick.
    Do any of you have this fly?  What is it?  Is there a way to get rid of 
it?  Obviously, I can't spray because I'd contaminate the fruit.

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