[NAFEX] cardboard and assorted weed barriers

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Nice heads-up re carpet & winter, Alan.  I've seen synthetic carpets used as pathes or mulches and they ALWAYS make a mess-- hard to remove if/when you want-- and always looks awful.
For newspapers, I've found 8-10 sheet layers are needed to slow down rhizomatous grasses, and larger areas than you intend to open up if you want to kill the grass.  I aim for 50% overlap of 4-5 layer pieces.  If you want to till the area in autumn, use no thicker than 6 layers.
Some mulch, most any kind, is needed to hold down the newspapers.  Also to hide it from woodchucks which want it for nesting material.

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> Subject: [NAFEX] cardboard and assorted weed barriers
> I've always been a bit squeemish about herbicides and so I've used all manner of weed barriers to establish the fruit trees I install and to protect my garden. I've used cardboard for years as have many gardeners as well as newspaper, and carpet. Sometimes I use landscape fabric. Pretty much whatever I have around- I never let newspaper or cardboard leave my property, unless it's to mulch some trees I'm installing. I'd be a bit reluctant to use cardboard for raspberries for fear it would deter emerging plants so I use the flimsier newspaper for that. If there is any kind of drainage issue I use very porous landscape fabric- don't want to interfere with the transfer of oxygen for carbondioxide.
> Old wool rugs or carpet works great, as long as you pull it away during the winter- rodents love it.
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