[NAFEX] grafting onto large b9 rootstock

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Tue Feb 17 18:00:02 EST 2009

Any chance you could send me a picture?  I can't visualize what you  


On Feb 17, 2009, at 11:21 AM, Kevin Bradley wrote:

> I do quite a bit of grafting onto larger rootstocks,  the method I  
> use has a higher success rate than whip and tongue due to increased  
> cambial contact. It is also very sturdy, I would not do any more  
> bark grafts, they aren't any quicker than the graft I use which has  
> been called a modified whip and tongue graft I believe. What you do  
> is cut the scion just like you were doing a whip and tongue and then  
> on the rootstock make your whip cut end about 3/4 of the way  
> (longitudinally), don't cut all the way through the rootstock  
> (radially), only enough to cut off enough wood to match the caliper  
> of the scion; put a notch in and voila, success and strengh.
> kevin bradley
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> Jerry,
> I've done a little grafting onto B-9, and I probably had the best  
> success rates with bark grafting; I've done it with rootstocks as  
> small as 1/4".  For bark grafting your scion is still dormant, but  
> you wait until the root has just begun to grow so that the bark will  
> slip.  There are good pictures of bark grafts in many fruit books,  
> also in The Grafter's Handbook.  It isn't quite as sturdy a graft  
> for a few years so if it grows fast you may need to stake the new  
> growth to keep it from blowing loose on a windy day.
> Muffy Barrett
> SC Wisconsin
> -- "jerry sietsema"  wrote:
> Two years ago I got some b9 rootstock that I never got around to  
> grafting.Around 100 of them.I only do dormant grafting.They are  
> quite large now in the nursery.1/2 inch??What is the best way to  
> graft now for a rookie grafter?Modified cleft graft??        thanks  
> Skip S. z5-6
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