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I was told by David Bedford that it is supposed that Summercrisp is of ussurian ancestry, with genetic mapping that may be confirmed by now. Golden Spice and Ure I believe are also of ussurian descent. I have heard that Summercrisp is self pollenizing, but I can't say for sure. I don't know any pears that are good for drying particularly, but Golden Spice is excellent fresh if you don't mind a little astringency. You don't need a pear to be of ussurian descent to pollenize other ussurian descent pears, they do have to bloom at roughly the same time though. I'm not sure if I have been any help, gave it a try.
kevin b

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I'm looking for a pear that can be pollinated by pyrus ussuriensis, will be good for drying and will do well in my southern Minnesota zone 4 climate.  Resistance to fireblight would also be nice.  I've heard 'Ure' can be pollinated by ussuriensis.  How susceptible is it to fireblight?  My local nursery has information on 'Summercrip' that says calls it a 'Ussurian Pear' and says it is resistant to fireblight and self-pollinating.  Is this accurate?
Kathryn Mathews
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