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Caroline is a good choice for an everbearer over Heritage IMO.  It has slightly better disease resistance, better flavor, and is somewhat earlier so you lose less of the fruit to frost at the end of the season.  
I think how well an everbearer will perform for you also varies a lot with your climate and what part of the country you are in.  Summer bearers are far better here in the PNW because they ripen during the driest part of the year.  Everbearers have the problem of having more mold on the fruit because of dew at night and rain during the day in fall.  In addition, it is cloudier and cooler which means they don't sweeten up as well, and they also can become watery and less flavorful if we get an extended stretch of rainfall...
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Hello Clan;
I agree with the Caroline nomination. Geez Louise ! Tons ! about 3 to 4 feet up off the ground.
Also, about 2 weeks before that, the Polana plants unload, about 2 feet high.
Autumn Britten ranks at 90% of Caroline; mine are very similar.
All are from Nourse Farms in Massachusetts.
There is a MASSIVE BLAST of fruit for the first pick, then a few small picks before frost.
The other advantage of everbearers (for me) is that it's generally a lot cooler at picking time.
Less mold, fewer bees.
Both varieties send up plenty of offspring each year, with Caroline sending up the most.
These berries freeze OK, so even if the picking is a bit staggered, it's fine with me.
Bramble initiates; good reading for cheap money "The Backyard Berry Book" by Stella Otto.
It saved my cluless ass from self destruction more than once.
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