[NAFEX] nafex Digest, Vol 73, Issue 50

Glenn & Kathy Russell GlennAndKathy2 at cox.net
Tue Feb 17 12:13:53 EST 2009

Hi Anthony-
	Although I've never used it, it sounds like you have a good case for
"Milky Spore".  Start doing some research on that, and you may be able to
solve your problem.

Since we seem to be on a Raspberry roll. Our biggest problem last year was
Japanese beetles. They covered our plants ( and Trees ). We had no idea what
to use on the berries. Tried flicking them into a pail with soapy water
which only seemed to open up places for more beetles to land. We like to
munch on whatever is available when we work in our orchard. I thought of
Surround but I don't know if you could ever that grit out of a berry ?
Any help would be great.
Anthony z4b Nth. IL.
Anthony P. Curcio

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