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It was so queried:

I'm in zone 5. We're looking at a red raspberry and a purple one, and  
maybe a golden one. We haven't decided exactly which yet. Maybe  
Heritage  and Royalty, and possibly Anne.

My reply:

In evaluating raspberries you want to consider soil type, management, and ripening time in conjunction with zone.  I am not sure why color matters unless you intend to have 3 varieties that ripen at the same time.  Normally, a home grower (perhaps that is the key, maybe this is for a commercial endeavor?) you attempt to spread your harvest over a on period of time, unless you want a freezing variety in which case you double or triple up on a variety for that season.

As a rule everbearers are much easier to handle(if managed as mono-croppers) but they are late in the season relative to most varieties.  

You might wish to strongly look at Caroline as an everbearer that has had success in many soil type s and locations.  Heritage is also a very proven Everbearer that has much to recommend it.  But once again consider soil types and management.  I think at this point if I had to chose, given yoru zone I would take Caroline over Heritage for an everbearer.

Taylor is an awesome late season raspberry that I would recommend everyone grow who has decent soil and can deal with the hassle of a summerbearer.  I have let my land go fallow for 5 years now, while I wait to replant Taylor.  We have missed it, but I have only so much land.  

The reality is my summer bearers tend to burn out in 7-10 years, I have never had that problem with an everbearer and mine are going on 15 years or so.  But I manage the everbearers as mono-croppers.  I have heard tales of 25 years with Heritage from homegrowers.

If you have rich soil (maybe in dappled shade) I like Fall Gold.  Once again an everbearer.  


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