[NAFEX] How many berries

Jim Cooper jcooper at lewiston.k12.id.us
Mon Feb 16 12:05:21 EST 2009

We probably have about 50 plants, and get 5-10 gallons of red raspberries each year. These are an unknown variety, we just got the strays from a friend. They always expand and send roots out into the space around and make more plants. So we got ours free! they are thornless and great fruit.

My wife said that the 50 pts. would take about 6 gallons of fruit, but that also depends on what recipe you use, how much sugar you want to use? Most will double the amount with the added sugar. Our favorite is freezer jam with a somewhat reduced sugar content.

Jim Cooper
Lewiston High School
Automotive Technology
jcooper at lewiston.k12.id.us

>>> Diane Porter <dporter at lisco.com> 02/15/09 5:45 PM >>>
My husband and I are planning to plant some raspberries this spring.  
We were so merrily laying out the bed for 50 plants, and then my  
husband asked me, "How many berries is this going to produce?"

And I realized I had no idea. We are only two people, but we love  
raspberry jam and could easily consume 50 pints of it in a year. But  
will 50 bushes yield way too much?

Diane Porter
dporter at birdwatching.com
Birdwatching Dot Com
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