[NAFEX] Intl'l Ag Labs Inc.

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   I have never used International ag Labs, however, I do know folks who have and they are very happy with the results. I believe they are a bit like Kinsey Agricultural consultants, the lab I use. They offer a more thorough look at the soil.


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>Do any of you have experience with International Ag Labs Inc.?  It is a soil
>testing and recs company with quite an interesting web presentation
>describing their mission of saving us from conventional agriculture.
>As I have posted previously, I am doing some consulting work for a large
>landscape contractor that is using their tests and recs to trouble shoot
>problems with a small stand of blueberries, a strawberry patch and vegetable
>garden.  Specs and recs are very detailed and, by my standards, complicated
>(which may not be saying much).
>Does this outfit have a good reputation?

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