[NAFEX] systemic pesticides, Assail vs Imidan

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My take on that information is simply this: As more people use a particular pesticide in an area there is an inevitable increase in the size of resistant populations. Therfore it makes perfect sense that the same chemical would be more effective on one region than another.

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Alan and I have been discussing Assail's 
effectiveness on PC and seem to be getting conflicting information from various 
sources.  As you point out NY say's it's not very effective against 
PC.  However, my most current Michigan guide (2007) lists Assail as 
excellent control for PC.  The 2009 Midwest spray guide lists Assail as 
good control for PC.  Can you comment on these discrepancies?  Have 
you tried curculio control with Assail?
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I have used Assail for about 5 years as one of  the 3 products i use in rotation.  I do not use any organophosphates such  as Imidan any longer.  I phased out Imidan over a 3 year period and am  now using Assail, Rimon, Avaunt and Calypso.  Assail has very little  effect on PC, but Calypso seems to work quite well and much less toxic than  Imidan.  If Assail REI and PHI are followed, you are at less risk using Assail than you are breathing  the air in your own home or barn where hay is stored where molds are more  toxic.  
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The issue of synthetic residues is always a potent topic of contraversy  so I'll definitely bite.  I like a systemic pesticide because it stays  put.  If you spray a tree with Imidan and walk around under it while  the chemical is still active and there is dew on the ground your feet will  pick it up.  You will likely track it into your vehicle or home where  biological processes are greatly reduced and the poison stays active for a  very long time.  I'm guessing the Assail will mostly stay on the grass  (and more importantly the fruit).  If you thin fruit by hand you are  less likely to pick it up there as well.
By the time you eat the fruit, 2 to 5 months will have passed.   The tiny little marble sprayed will be anywhere from the size of a plum to a  large peach or apple.  Even 14 days after spray, the poison will have  inadequate strength to kill the targeted organism whose entire diet is that  fruit.  I will experience much more exposure in the mixing and spraying  process so a tiny fraction of residue doesn't concern me much.  I'm  much more concerned about oncoming traffic on my way home from the orchard. 
I'm nervous about using Assail only because I haven't used it before,  and Imidan is a tested and trusted ally against PC.  I guess none of  you have used it yet.
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