[NAFEX] Canadian seedling apples

Siloam Orchards mail at siloamorchards.com
Thu Feb 12 11:18:33 EST 2009

      If you are a Canadian resident that has a wild seedling apple tree that you feel is of exceptional quality and merits propagation and possible distribution , please contact me. We are interested in saving these one of a kind specimens. 
     If necessary, we can instruct you on collecting and shipping budwood to us for the August grafting season. The original grower can name the apple, or we can enter it into our 'name the apple' event at our fall apple festival when fruit is available.
     Particularly interested in redflesh and northern cold hardy types.
Eric Hambly, Siloam Orchards, Uxbridge Ontario Canada
mail at siloamorchards.com 
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