[NAFEX] Removing seeds

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Thu Feb 12 10:36:23 EST 2009

Recounting his jelly-making, Mark Angermayer said, "A lot of folks use a 
food mill to separate the seeds."

    If your batch is large enough to warrant it, use your cider press to 
remove the seeds.  Just make a cloth bag that is just a bit larger in 
diameter than you think you'll need.  There is no need to make a cloth 
cylinder because a large enough flat bag does the job quite nicely.  If the 
press's bed is worn, a metal tray is recommended for atop a wooden cider 
press bed but a piece of polyethylene will work too.  Just don't squeeze too 
hard too fast, if your liner is a light-weight fabric, or it could burst 
between the slats.  If your plunger doesn't fit tightly enough, wrap it with 
a worn wash cloth before inserting it into the basket.  This works better 
than the next best thing!

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