[NAFEX] grafting onto large b9 rootstock

bluestem_farm at juno.com bluestem_farm at juno.com
Wed Feb 11 21:19:23 EST 2009

I've done a little grafting onto B-9, and I probably had the best success rates with bark grafting; I've done it with rootstocks as small as 1/4".  For bark grafting your scion is still dormant, but you wait until the root has just begun to grow so that the bark will slip.  There are good pictures of bark grafts in many fruit books, also in The Grafter's Handbook.  It isn't quite as sturdy a graft for a few years so if it grows fast you may need to stake the new growth to keep it from blowing loose on a windy day.

Muffy Barrett 
SC Wisconsin

-- "jerry sietsema"  wrote:

Two years ago I got some b9 rootstock that I never got around to grafting.Around 100 of them.I only do dormant grafting.They are quite large now in the nursery.1/2 inch??What is the best way to graft now for a rookie grafter?Modified cleft graft??        thanks Skip S. z5-6
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