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Wed Feb 11 13:54:29 EST 2009

I've been trying to find a source for small numbers of them.  Last year I found only a few places, and only one fairly late in the winter ordering season, but I think their license to sell the material ran out at last minute.  I found sources simply by googling. NAFEXlist readers might have more ideas.
I think the trialing info looks promising, so I want to try them against the other options I have, for light soil in z4.  The most likely reason I can think of for them not being more widely used is they are recent intro and not many places are currently expanding pear plantings.

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> Lee,
> There are two clones of Pyrodwarf in the
> trade. I tried the original product, which is alleged to be the more
> dwarfing, in Houston, Texas. It proved to be higher chill
> than most of the other Old Home crosses (it is an Old Home cross with something
> else) with Farmingdale and with no vigor in our climate and useless as a
> rootstock. I have also used it as an interstem on P calleryana, and in this
> position it makes a nice union with both rootstock and fruiting scion but only
> provides slight dwarfing. It does not seem to influence fruit size yield
> or tree shape. I think the Van Weil Nursery sells both clones.
> Regards, Ethan
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> From: Lee Reich
> Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009
> 9:53 AM
> Does anybody have any experience, good or bad, with Pyrodwarf pear
> rootstock?
> Does anybody know of a source for this rootstock?
> Does anybody know why Pyrodwarf is not more widely used?
> Lee Reich, PhD
> http://www.leereich.com/
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