[NAFEX] Jamming question + peach jam update

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 10 20:55:08 EST 2009

Hi Mark,

I'm finally getting around to writing an update on the peach jam thread I posted last fall because it may apply to you although I haven't tried Pomona's yet.

Re: I made 7 double batches of spiced and not spiced peach jam using Certo Lite pectin and none of it gelled.  I doubled the amounts of everything and then added an extra 2 Tbs. of Certo Lite (works out to an extra half a pack and this recipe worked for my cherry and raspberry jams) and none of the peach jam gelled.... until late Dec/early Jan.  All my double batches gelled using the two and a half packs of Certo Lite, but the peach jam took several months to do so.  All the jams are a beautiful spreading consistency, don't run off my toast and don't need to be sliced (yes, I made Dolgo Crabapple jelly that needed to be sliced)!

So there is hope that yours may gel eventually, but then again I've also got some cherry jam from a simple doubled recipe and with out the extra half pack and it makes very good topping for ice cream, pancakes, pudding, etc!

Good luck!


--- On Tue, 2/10/09, Mark Angermayer <hangermayer at isp.com> wrote:

> From: Mark Angermayer <hangermayer at isp.com>
> Subject: [NAFEX] Jamming question
> To: "North American Fruit Explorers" <nafex at lists.ibiblio.org>
> Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 9:48 PM
> Tried to make some jam today.  It was the first time
> I've used Pomon'a
> pectin.  Some on the list have had trouble with jelling
> using Pomona's.
> Others have said it jells too much.  Many say it's the
> best thing since
> sliced bread.
> I wanted my jam on the thin side anyway, so I only used
> about 1/2 the
> recommended amount of pectin.  However, as far as I can
> tell, it didn't jell
> at all.  I would have expected some jelling action, even
> with 1/2 the
> pectin.  I didn't bring the jam to a rolling boil. 
> Does Pomona's pectin
> have to boil to jell?  Fortunately I just experimented with
> a small batch.
> I now have 3 pints of blackberry syrup.
> Mark
> KS
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