[NAFEX] PC survival in apples and a question about Assail

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 19:51:21 EST 2009

Alan Haigh wrote:
> Michael Phillips book "The Apple Grower" has a photo of PC larvae 
> exiting an apple drop so I think it is only the surviving apples that 
> crush the larvae.

I was wondering about that. I wondered if some of the "June Drop" that 
we pretty much ignore contained curculio that continued to develop since 
those apples have stopped growing.

> Has anyone of you tried Assail against PC?  The 3 day REI of Imidan is 
> becomming inconvenient and I like the fact that Assail is systemic and 
> supposedly as durable as Imidan.

I always shy away from systemic things on fruits and vegetables that I 
intend to eat. It seems that if they are systemic, certainly some of the 
chemical stays in the edible part.
I tend to be pretty trusting and if "they" say that the fruit doesn't 
hurt you after being sprayed with a systemic, I kind of believe it. 


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