[NAFEX] Jamming question

Mark Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
Tue Feb 10 16:48:44 EST 2009

Tried to make some jam today.  It was the first time I've used Pomon'a
pectin.  Some on the list have had trouble with jelling using Pomona's.
Others have said it jells too much.  Many say it's the best thing since
sliced bread.

I wanted my jam on the thin side anyway, so I only used about 1/2 the
recommended amount of pectin.  However, as far as I can tell, it didn't jell
at all.  I would have expected some jelling action, even with 1/2 the
pectin.  I didn't bring the jam to a rolling boil.  Does Pomona's pectin
have to boil to jell?  Fortunately I just experimented with a small batch.
I now have 3 pints of blackberry syrup.


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