[NAFEX] bush cherry seedlings

kbrubaker at nc.rr.com kbrubaker at nc.rr.com
Tue Feb 10 08:33:27 EST 2009

"I have 5 bushes raised from seeds of one of the 3, their fruit is quite 
similar to the original, about the size of nanking cherries, we cook it down 
and strain it for a sauce, astonishingly flavorful! Took about 4 years for 
the new bushes to fruit. 
What do you use the BT for? 
Del,  2b/3a  n. Mn "

Sounds promising.  I will try and grow them out to see how they do.  Thank you Dell and Lon!

The BT dust is for the cherry fruitworm.  http://ipm.ncsu.edu/small_fruit/cherworm.html
They left my bushes alone the first year, but found them with a vengeance the second.  lost the whole crop.  an application of BT in March and another a few weeks later in April controls them >90+%.

they haven't bothered the blueberries yet.  I hope they don't get wise.


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