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Was it shipping costs that pushed up the price of the Surround?  Your costs should be about $50 per acre per application.  We don’t have summer rains here, and I truly don’t know how often it might need to be reapplied.  

I think it’s outrageously expensive if it doesn’t work for you!  Anything would be in that case.  I note very mixed results from different growers in different parts of the country.  You can’t monitor and then apply – it needs to arrive on the fruit before the first pests do.  


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I'm along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  The USDA map shows us as 7a but I think we're actually 7b.  


We have a lot of humidity and a lot of disease and insect pressure here, compounded by the fact that all the surrounding properties have old apple trees that are not sprayed or tended by the landowners.  Curculio pressure is very heavy.  Malathion and Sevin have no effect on them here.  I looked into Surround, but found it to be prohibitively (in fact, outrageously) expensive.


Eddie Earles

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Eddy, how much you need to spray for PC has a lot to do with where you're located.  In the northeast only 2 Imidan sprays are generally needed- 1 at petal fall, the 2nd 10 to 14 days later.  Sevin is easier for the homeorchardist to find and should be used on a tighter schedule and sprayed 3 times for adequate control.  I have heard of others using Malathion affectively.  Still others get adequate control organically with Surround. 


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