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Brown rot--any of the more common fungicides (Ferbam, Maneb, Benlate, Captan....available at any farm supply store) should control these.  The trick is to spray at the RIGHT TIME.  Make certain that your first spray is at pink bud; the second spray is at petal fall; and subsequent sprays are at 7-to-10-day intervals until about 2 weeks before harvest.  With peaches, you should also thin the fruit so that the fruits don't touch each other. Also, pick up and destroy any fruit mummies under your tree in the fall, before Winter sets in.

Cherry fruit fly worm--I have no experience with this pest, and cannot recommend a treatment.

Plum Curculio--The only thing that I have found that controls these is a product called Imidan.  It is an organophosphate insecticide that is pretty toxic.  You should apply your first spray at petal fall, and at least 3 more cover sprays at 7-to-10-day intervals. (You may need more, depending upon the climate and infestation level in your area.)  If you have a hard rain during this period, you will need to respray the next morning at dawn. (Even with all this, you can't expect complete control. 70 to 75 percent control is doing pretty well.)

I heard that Imidan was delisted for home use, but I don't know if this is true or not.  If it is, you will have a hard time acquiring it, and probably, a hard time controlling this noxious pest.  I doubt that you can get it through the mail.

Curculios overwinter in the soil underneath stone fruit trees.  Clean-cultivating the soil underneath the drip-line of your trees will help, if there aren't wild stone fruits (wild cherry, wild plum, etc) within a half-mile or so of your orchard.

Eddie Earles
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  Hi folks

  So far I have a small orchard of 4 pear trees, 4 cherries, a plum, pluot, apple, and two peach trees.  Last year was my first harvest (hooray!)  I had not used any chemicals, as I wanted to see what I might have problems with.  We had brown rot on peaches and some cherries, cherry fruit fly worm, and plum curculio.  I did careful clean up and pruned out the areas where there was fungus on the peaches.

  Can anyone suggest a source for appropriate sprays for these three problems packaged for the small orchardist? Online sources would be great :)




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