[NAFEX] Tiger Lillies, daylilies? [OT, mostly]

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 7 18:48:01 EST 2009

At one time I had both the common tiger-lilies (true lily, with bulbs);  still have lots of the common "ditch lily" daylily (spreads by rhizome.)  The tiger-lilies gradually reduced, from drought and rabbit-grazings.  Yes my other true lilies died out, but I think the droughts & rabbits got them before any diseases.  The daylilies are more tenacious, but can be pushed back by a combination of herbiciding, mowing, & digging.
I may have a few tiny plants of the tiger-lilies left and could send them along, but go with a better source first.  Does anyone know the best time for transplanting these, if the little 2-3 leaf ones are worth dealing with?
Anyone who wants "ditch lily" or common orange weedy daylily can let me know.  I've been expanding a planting area into a daylily patch, and can send rhizomes early spring or midsummer.  I don't recommend this plant unless you have a large area which needs cover.

>> Tiger Lillies host (asymptomatically) a lot of lilly viruses so fancy bulb places don't tend to sell them. They are really more of a pass along plant. Try garage sales and the sort of local garden club plant sale where people divide their own plants and pot up the extras.
> I don't know about diseases, but I could have given away bushels of them
> a couple of years ago, when I finally dug them out of my back yard. This
> is an old house, with old-fashioned kinds of plants, and the tiger
> lilies had just about taken over. They're pretty, and care-free, but man
> do they spread!
> Then again, if you can mow all around the patch, that would probably
> keep them contained, I suppose (not necessarily killing the plants that
> invade the grass, but keeping them small).
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