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 FOlks, using any pesticide under the minimum label rate is not only
illegal, but vastly hastens the development of resistance in the organisum
you are trying to control. This is true for both organic and convential
chemicals, The manufacturers of the pesticide normally use the lowest
effective rate as the minimum labeled rate. 
We use Orbit, Pristine, Bravo (can only be used before shuck split but
controls blackknot and peach leaf curl as well) which are very effective
reduced risk chemicals to control brown rot in stone fruit.
TO calculate the amount of chemical to use, look at the label for gallons
needed per acre (normally ~100 gallons)  and how much chemical per 100 gal
and divide by how many gallons you are making. For example if the lable
calls for 1 pt per 100 gallons, and you are making 25 gallons, use 4oz of
chemical. If you are using dry chemicals you have to wieght them using a
scale (small postal scales are cheap).
I do not understand why Copper is considered "organic" or "sustainable".
Using copper is adding poisonous heavy metals to your soil, and while even
the worst of the chemical pesticides will break down over time, Copper is
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Indar is much more affective than Captan for the control of blossum blight

and brown rot.  Here in humid southeastern NY, once I have the pathogen

under control I can often control BR with a single application of Indar a

month before the first peaches ripen.  With plums a seperate application may

be necessary a month before the particular variety ripens.  In very wet

seasons an extra application or 2 may be necessary, but I never have to

spray within a month of harvest anything besides cherries.

I am interested in the efficacy of Pristine.  Has anyone out there tried

reduced applications of that substance to control BR in their orchards?

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