[NAFEX] OT Amateur Beer Brewers?

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I am trying to guess my way into a recipe.  Looking for a place to start.  I
have looked at honey beers and think that for a 5 gallon batch 1.5 to 2
pounds seems common.  Still working on the cocoa powder (or cocoa nibs)
guess but 16 ounces might be close or the high limit.  Peppers are a
problem.  Most chili beer recipes seem to be aiming at blow your head off.
This is a more subtle approach to heat. Ancho chilies are used in the
Theobroma. I am also wondering about dropping a vanilla bean in.  Annatto
is part of the recipe but I am wondering if it is more of a color agent than
a flavor.





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As a homebrewer, I can tell you, you would need to provide more information
about your recipe formulation before anyone could be much help.
as far as the heat from peppers, If you remove the seeds and internal ribs,
that should reduce the heat, while still allowing the fruitiness of the
pepper to come through. Try putting them in your secondary and not in your
As the beer is called Theobroma, and is one of Sam Calagione's creation, I'm
certain he is using chocolate in some form.


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