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Thanks--that is good information.  As much time as I have spent over the years battling invasive plants, I wouldn't want to introduce another one.  Guess I'll abandon the idea of Akebia.

What I'd really like is a plant that has intensely fragrant flowers for a long season, and which is easy to grow.  I know about honeysuckle, but it grows wild everywhere already, so I don't care to plant it.  I won't have a fence for it anyway.  Can anyone recommend a good plant for my area?  I'll be in a well-drained, clayey soil over limestone in zone 6.  I may try to propagate some of my Viburnum judii plants and take them with me, but they only bloom in early spring.  I'd love to have fragrant summer flowers.  (I don't want kiwis--they are too much work!)

Eddie Earles

> Eddie,
> I see that Chocolate vine (Akebia) is classed as an invasive in the state of 
> Kentucky.  I have one that's been growing a couple years out back and it's 
> looking pretty invasive here in Mississippi.  I will probably have to hit it 
> with glyphosate.
> Bob Kelly
> Aberdeen, Mississippi (Zone 7B/8A)
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> >I will be moving to a new property soon, and am thinking about what to 
> >plant.  I like fragrant flowers, and the Akebia vines in the Raintree 
> >catalogue cot my eye. 
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