[NAFEX] elderberry use

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Wed Feb 4 11:37:29 EST 2009

Elderberry seeds contain a drying oil.  Your auger is cracking the
seeds and releasing their oil.  Elderberry seed is a drying oil which
means the oil is oxidized by oxygen and forms a tough film like
paint. This would change the texture and probably the taste of your
juice.     Zone 2-3 Minnesota

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>I have seen some posts mentioning use of elderberries for various
>purposes, but i am curious how some of you are processing the fruit. 
>We used an auger style food mill this past year to make quite of bit
>of juice from our Adams and Johns berries.  During the process we
>noticed quite a bit of "oil" on the surface of the juice, but didn't
>think much of it.  The juice was divided up into freezer bags and
>frozen immediately after processing (no heating).  Upon thawing, some
>of the bags are fine, but others now have a significant greenish oil
>that has separated out.  Should we have heated the juice before
>Up until this past year we have just frozen the whole berries and
>used them in baked goods.  I can't tell any difference in the baked
>foods used with this past years berries, so i don't think the crop
>was any different than usual.
>any thoughts?
>Thank you,
>Durham, NC
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