[NAFEX] Newtown Pippin may become official apple of NYC

Spidra Webster spidra at speakeasy.net
Fri Apr 24 12:23:50 EDT 2009

Newtown Pippin is my favorite apple and wasn't hard to find in a  
supermarket at all when I was a kid. Starting in the '80s, though,  
they were replaced by Granny Smiths and it's only recently that your  
average chain supermarket started carrying Newtown Pippins again.  
Your link made me wonder if I could find anything about how many  
acres are put to various varieties.

Anyway, a quick Google didn't turn up real specific info but the US  
Apple Association site has this list:

Nearly 100 varieties are grown commercially in the United States, but  
a total of 15 popular varieties account for almost 90 percent of 2006  

    1. Red Delicious
    2. Gala
    3. Golden Delicious
    4. Granny Smith
    5. Fuji
    6. McIntosh
    7. Rome
    8. Empire
    9. York
   10. Jonathan
   11. Idared
   12. Cortland
   13. Stayman
   14. Newtown
   15. Northern Spy

I'd still be interested in knowing which varieties are grown where as  
well as statistics on how many acres are grown per variety, including  
rarer heirloom varieties.

Megan Lynch

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