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The coated wire should last a little longer because it keeps the rust out. At least that's the theory. I will look better, but in the end you have a lot of pvc to dispose of when the fence does wear out. You might also try planting some spiny/thorny plants on the outside if you have room. It seems to deter animals better than just a fence alone. I'm thinking a mix of Opuntia cacti (edible pads and fruit) and some shrubs with wicked sharp thorns would help. 

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Our plants are on their way, and we still haven't come to a final decision about what kind of deer fence we're getting. Does anyone have any experience with black PVC-coated poultry netting, sold by places like this:
It supposedly works because it's hard for the deer to see, so they don't know where the top ends, so they don't try jumping it. I'm hoping it will also keep out rabbits (we'll fold the bottom to prevent burrowing.) Any advice before we go ahead and order? Is the black stuff really any better than, say, plain metal chicken wire? I'm thinking black might look better and less obtrusive than metal to humans at least.

We tried cheap plastic netting, and it broke down over the winter, getting lots of holes. We could try more expensive plastic netting, but I'm thinking it will still break down faster than metal.

Oh, and on the off-topic topic of eggs, I was amazed and delighted by the taste of real eggs from happy chickens from my friend's country home. I've tried to buy eggs from, say, the health food store or farmers market, hoping for that same taste, but they're barely any better than supermarket eggs. I think the only really tasty eggs are from household chickens, who aren't too crowded or stressed, and get a very diverse diet.


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