[NAFEX] What time to graft apples?

walter6353 at myfairpoint.net walter6353 at myfairpoint.net
Sat Apr 4 17:43:50 EDT 2009

Is there a definitive time that grafting of apples can begin? Knowing 
the earliest possible time might make it possible to cut a scion and 
walk over to another tree and graft it on, all on the same day. I'm 
hoping that there is a window of possibility for this, although 
obviously a tree can't be both dormant and budding at the same time. 
I've heard to wait until the bark "slips" but never really knew what 
that meant. Waiting for the buds to swell is another possibility, but 
bud swelling here often starts with just a few buds on a warm day and 
then stops until the weather warms again. Also, when is it too late to 
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