[NAFEX] multiple pickings

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 06:31:36 EDT 2008

Multiple pickings are usually required of all cultivars I grow and is a well
understood aspect of commercial growing where trees are rated by the span of
time between first and last ripening fruit.  For commercial growers the
shorter the span the better because it makes harvesting more economical but
for home growers the opposite trait is often desirable, especially if fresh
eating off the tree is your primary pleasure.  I recommend that home growers
should study the catalogues of nurseries for commercial growers like Adams
County where this information is often included.

When you want to pick your fruit will often be determined by how you plan to
use it.  A firm peach jars better and a slightly green apple stores longer
as does a hard pear.  Culinary use often benefits from less than complete
ripeness of fruit because riper fruit is juicier.
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