[NAFEX] Test

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Sun Sep 21 23:13:20 EDT 2008

OK, I just changed the settings so mail from this address and only this 
address is sent out in plain text. That should do it.


Steve wrote:
> This is a test for Toni, to see if my message arrives normally when I 
> send this in plain text. (Toni uses the digest form of this list and I 
> think only plain text messages go through to the digest. Perhaps others 
> know if that is true?)
> One thing I am noticing... since I use Thunderbird for all the e-mail 
> addresses I use, changing this address to send out in plain text has 
> changed all Thunderbird mail to plain text. Unless there is a way to 
> make only mail from this address send in plain text, I'll be changing 
> back to HTML eventually.
> Steve

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