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Need a computer person. This reply came on my NAFEX digest:

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So I had to go to the home page to read it. Why?? Was it an attachment to
the group? Can't think a post like this would have been an attachment.

I think that was the ultimate answer. Now you can get real information
from a local expert.<br>
I was thinking, as I read your earlier posts, that if you are ordering
peach trees and expecting them to live, then your choice of pear
varieties isn't all that limited. I have 2 pear trees in my yard and
have grafted a few other cultivars on side branches to try them out. I
wouldn't really consider trying a peach here. We usually get at least
30 below zero and have gone to 40 below some years. Last winter, -34 on
February 29th. <br>
Steve in the Adirondacks (zone 4 by the map, zone 3 by the thermometer)

 But anyway, Steve, I was speechless to find baby peaches on my tree this
summer! First time ever. I'm at war with the bunnies but my trees ARE dwarf!
We had a freeze again last spring. Winter is typically 30 below and wind out
of the NW.  I didn't get any other fruit besides strawberries. Oh, yeah, and
we had the flood. For the past 2 years we've had alternating 40 degrees
followed two days later by below zero. My trees suffered. I was thinking I
would put the hoses out in April and turn them on until September next year.
I'm on an acreage so my cost would only be the well pump running.

Toni in zone 4 Iowa USA
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