[NAFEX] pears for north iowa

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If they think Bartlett would be a good choice, you might as well order
one of the Harrow pears, such as Harvest Queen, which would be hardier.
However, considering the extension recommendations, I'd take the Van
Well recommendations with a grain of salt. -- Sam Brungardt

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	I got this response from Van Well's Nursery! So maybe..........
	Dear Toni,
	A few pears are possible for consideration.
	The Bartlett would be a good choice as well as Golden Russett
Bosc.   Concordes would probably do okay also.   All three are good
choices and excellent flavor.   The Concord pear is a unique pear.  It
is small but has a good buttery taste to it.   Bartlett and Bosc are
also excellen flavor and very popular.
	Let me know what you decide.
	Suzanne Van Well
	Toni in zone 4 Iowa USA
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