[NAFEX] late season fruit for the SE

David Consolvo fruitopia at firstva.com
Thu Sep 18 22:31:26 EDT 2008

Asian and American persimmons.  Some types of Americans don't really ripen until 
Xmas here in central Virginia.  (Ripening at first frost is a myth -- ripening times 
vary with each variety).

Fuzzy kiwifruit, formerly "Chinese gooseberry" (Actinidia deliciosa, formerly 
Actinidea chinensis).  An early ripening type barely ripens by November here in 
central Virginia before getting frozen.  The standard variety Hayward might be just 
right for central North Carolina.  A frost-protected site would help to get the 
young vines started.  

~David Consolvo
Hungrytown, Virginia

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>Does anyone have any recommendations for late season fruits for the SE 
(specifically zone 7-8)?  The italian honey figs are still going strong, but the rest of 
our fruit/berries have pretty much finished by now - even the jujubes are nearing 
their end.  I'd like to have something that ripened through Oct, if possible.
>I have an autumnberry that was planted this year, and judging by the wild ones I 
saw fruiting in Asheboro, NC this past weekend, it looks like they will ripen from 
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>Durham, NC
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