[NAFEX] Asian pear recipes and preservation

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Thanks, everyone for the suggestions!

Bob, I have never heard of "perry" but would love to find more information.
I make wine and beer from kits now but look toward using my own homegrown
fruits in the future.  I don't have a cider or wine press but might try
making some perry on a small scale using a small juicer or Kitchenaid fruit
strainer attachment.  Do have any instructions?

Shirley Murphy

Too many Asian pears is a great problem!  First I would eat all them
that you can.  This helps you to learn the differences in tastes and
textures.  There are many recipes to try.  Here is a link to several
Asian pear recipes.


Asian pears are also great to juice.  Unlike European pears that
grind into almost nothing, Asian pear texture is more like apples.
If you have a cider or wine press you can add rice hulls to get better
extraction.  After you have the juice, you can ferment into perry, a
hard pear cider with ~7% alcohol by volume.  Perry is like hard apple
cider but has a small amount of residual sweetness from sorbitol
that makes a unique drink.
Bob Capshew
S. Indiana, Zone 6
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